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21 zeros of information

2025 the volume of global data is forecast to reach up to 180 zettabytes (yep, that’s 21 zeros before the decimal).
Yet text, video and images make up to 80% of that data and cannot be analyzed with traditional methods.

Deep Data Analytics closes this gap with Artificial Intelligence.

Companies use only a fraction of accessible data. Opportunities and competitive advantages lie in the depths of unstructured data.

Pfeil Eisberg

1 Numeric data
Number data that can be easily processed, e.g. transaction data.
2 Discrete data
Countable data using a simple dimension, e.g. orders per hour.
3 Unstructured data
Non-traditional records that do not have a fixed format, e.g. text documents, images and videos.

Our Mission

The messiest data you can imagine
80% of the global data consists of text, video and images. This data cannot be analyzed with traditional approaches.
To tackle that problem we started out with the messiest data one can imagine: Social Media posts. The founders of Deep Data Analytics met to tackle the problem of gaining meaningful insights from social media campaigns and developed a machine learning solution to rate the effectiveness of influencer campaigns based on content and sentiment. Following coverage on WDR, one of Germanys leading TV stations, DDA quickly gained traction in the German market.

With a production ready Neural Network trained on 3.6 million texts, DDA then broadened the application of its service to other unstructured data challenges.

Who we help
Everyone sitting on a goldmine of unstructured data and desperate for a competitive edge over their competitors.

Want to know what your customers are complaining about? We have you covered.
Your product isn´t that well received but you don’t know why? Come talk to us.
Your company is perceived as an ugly duckling, while your competitor is the radiant hero, even if you feel you´re offering superior services? We can tell you what your customers think.

Case Studies

Deep Data Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to gain insights from unstructured data.


Identify and understand the customers who are really important to your business.
Case Studies:
Online Retailer


How is your brand perceived? Which aspects are positive, which negative?
Case Studies:
Coming Soon: Airline


Are your products convincing? Which attributes are perceived positively by the users, where is room for improvement?
Case Studies: coming soon


What moves your industry and how are your competitors perceived?
Case Studies: Coming Soon


Are your marketing campaigns reaching the right users? How is your marketing perceived by the recipients?
Case Studies:
Coming Soon: Fake Influencer Detection
Online Retailer


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